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Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

Op. Dr. Burcak Tok has carried out thousands of successful operations from the past to the present. Preferred by patients, Op. Dr. Burcak Tok has always adopted the principle of providing the best service to its patients.

Thousands of Successful Operations Pregnancy, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Doctor

Over 20 Years of Experience

Op. Dr. Burcak Tok has been doing its best to provide the best service to its patients for more than 20 years. A gynecologist and obstetrician, Op. Dr. Contact Burçak Tok.

Thousands of Successful Operations Numerous Congresses and Courses
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Op. Dr. Burcak Tok


I was born on March 15, 1975 in Istanbul. After completing my secondary and high school education at Kocaeli Private Seymen High School, I entered Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1992. After graduating from university in 1998, I completed my residency in gynecology and obstetrics at Göztepe Social Insurance Institution Training and Research Hospital between 1999-2003. I started my working life in Bursa Gemlik Social Insurance Institution Hospital between 2003-2005. Then, I continued at Private Pendik sifa Hospital, Private Tuzla Gisbir Hospital, Private Pendik Sifa Hospital, respectively. In 2022, I decided to open my own Cilinic. I still continue to see my patients in my own Cilinic.
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Thousands of Successful Operations

Op. Dr. Burcak Tok has carried out thousands of successful operations from the past to the present. Op. Dr. Burcak Tok, which is highly preferred by patients, aims to provide the best service to its patients.

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Gynecology, Obstetrics, Aesthetics...

Op. Dr. Burcak Tok provides services to her patients in areas such as gynecology, pregnancy and birth, aesthetics, abortion, sexual counseling.

Op. Dr. Burcak Tok

Some of our Treatments

gebelik öncesi danışmanlık

Pre-pregnancy counseling

Consultation of the couple or single woman with the necessary doctors during pregnancy planning before conception

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normal doğum

Normal Birth

Normal Birth is the vaginal birth of a baby without the need for medication and intervention

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sezaryen doğum

Caesarean Birth

Caesarean section is the process of removing the baby from the mother’s womb through a surgical

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gebelik takibi

Pregnancy following-Up

After the diagnosis of pregnancy is called pregnancy follow-up to check the health of the mother

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Kısırlık İnfertilite Tedavisi

Infertility treatment

If the couple does not have a child for one year despite regular and unprotected intercourse,

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riskli gebelik

Risky Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful period that can happen to any woman. Psychological and physical

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Op. Dr. Burcak Tok

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    Op. Dr. Burcak Tok

    Thousands of Successful Operations from Past to Present

    Op. Dr. Burcak Tok

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