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All cosmetic surgeries performed on the inner and outer lips of a woman’s vagina are called labiaplasty. It is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to beautify the sagging, volume and excess part of the inner and outer lips in terms of appearance. It is one of the most preferred genital surgeries in recent times. Women face many problems due to sagging inner and outer lips. Some of these problems are:


  • Vaginal infections
  • loss of self-confidence,
  • loss of sexual desire,
  • Inability to feel sexual intercourse
  • feeling difficulty
  • Difficulty walking, cycling and sitting
  • Sweating and odor problems,
  • When wearing socks or pants, there may be situations such as the appearance of the genital area from the outside.


Does labiaplasty damage the hymen?

Since the hymen in women is inside the vagina, labiaplasty does not harm the hymen. Since labiaplasty has nothing to do with the hymen, virgins can also have labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty surgery takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Since it is not performed under general anesthesia, it does not require hospitalization and you can go home a few hours after the procedure.

Before surgery, the amount of parts to be reduced is determined and the reduction procedure is performed by removing excess tissue. This surgery is performed immediately after the menstrual period. Since the threads used during sewing are self-dissolving threads, there is no need to remove them later. There is no harm in labiaplasty surgery for women who want to give birth, become pregnant and urinate.

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