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Lazerle Genital Estetik

Aesthetic treatment of the genitals is preferred in cases where the person is disturbed by the appearance of the vagina or from a functional point of view. With the development of technology, genital augmentation surgeries are more easily performed today without surgical procedures. It is one of the applications that is performed with a laser without the need for genital plastic surgery.

Laser Genital Aesthetics

We can list the genital aesthetics that you can do with laser as follows.

  • Laser vaginal tightening: Laser vaginal tightening is an easier and more beneficial procedure because it does not require surgical intervention. With the advancement of current technology, laser genital augmentation, where no pain or pain is felt, is a highly advanced procedure that does not require anesthesia.
  • Genital bleaching: This procedure is a very effective solution for darkening of the vagina. Dark discoloration in the genital area can be seen for several reasons such as wearing tight clothing, creams that disrupt the skin’s PH balance, and wearing synthetic underwear. The process of bleaching the vaginal area is also known as vulvar bleaching. There are also several different ways to whiten the vulva, namely laser genital aesthetics.
  • Laser Genital Tightening: Genital tightening operations are generally preferred for people who suffer from urinary incontinence, sexual intercourse, uterine prolapse, vaginal dryness, and sagging intestines. It is an hour process, on average. He does not feel any pain.
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