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Orgazmik Shot Uygulaması

The orgasm vaccine is applied to the sensitive sexual pleasure points of the clitoris and vagina (o-shot) and an orgasm vaccine is applied to the orgasm points. With the orgasm vaccine administered to the patient, the goal is to increase the frequency and intensity of orgasm. Orgasmic fillers are applied to increase the pleasure and intensity of orgasm during intercourse. In addition, people who enjoy intercourse can apply for orgasmic injections if they want to increase the pleasure they experienced.

For what purposes are orgasmic injections applied?

In an orgasm application, the patient’s own blood is taken from the periphery of the clitoris and point C with the treatment being injected into the patient. Ecstasy vaccine facilitates sexual arousal by increasing the blood supply and sensitivity by the influence of the growth factors it contains. Generally, o-shot application is applied to increase pleasure in the vaginal area during intercourse and to provide orgasmic function during intercourse. With the application of O-shot, the pleasure of intercourse increases and the problem of not reaching orgasm is eliminated.

The application of the orgasmic injection in the treatment of urinary incontinence problems

Orgasmic enema application is used for urinary incontinence problems in women. In women, the collagen connective tissue around the bladder neck and urinary canal weakens over time due to various factors. For this reason, the problem of incontinence frequently occurs with physical activities such as coughing, laughing, and lifting heavy objects, especially in women who have given birth at an advanced age. With the ecstasy vaccine, tissue support and cell regeneration are provided in this area.

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