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Abortion surgery is a good solution for unwanted pregnancy,
This process is painless and painless and personal information
confidentiality is of great importance.

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is the process of terminating a pregnancy using certain medications. It is generally suitable for pregnancies within the first 10 weeks.

Vacuum Curettage

Vacuum curettage is a surgical procedure that removes the contents of the uterus with vacuum to terminate pregnancies between the 6th and 16th weeks.

Dilatation and Curettage

Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) is a method that terminates pregnancy by dilating the cervix and removing the contents with a curette.


Who is it suitable for?

Abortion surgery is suitable for women who want to terminate their pregnancy for certain health or personal reasons. These reasons may include medical complications experienced by the expectant mother and problems with the fetus. However, the feasibility of abortion may vary depending on the duration of pregnancy and the woman's general health condition.

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Is it safe?

Abortion surgery is performed by experienced healthcare professionals under appropriate conditions and equipment and is very safe. This type of operation requires proper knowledge, skill and attention. Our trained healthcare personnel conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the most appropriate and safe method for each individual.

Healing Process

To support the healing process, it is recommended to avoid heavy physical activities for a few days after the procedure and give the body the opportunity to rest. During this period, taking a shower, staying away from sexual intercourse for a while, and using pads instead of tampons are among the measures that support healing. Generally, individuals can return to their daily lives and activities within a week.

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Operation Abortion

Does abortion have long-term effects?

In fact, many studies have shown that abortion does not have a negative impact on women's long-term fertility. In addition, psychological effects have generally been found to be limited when appropriate follow-up and care is received after the procedure. Abortion allows women to take control over their reproductive health and future.

Gynecology and Abortion Specialist

Op.Doctor Burçak Tok

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Abortion Operation

Gynecology and Abortion Specialist

Op.Dr. Burçak Tok


Kiss. Dr. Burçak Tok completed her Gynecology and Obstetrics specialization training in 1999 and became a doctor and has been a doctor for approximately 23 years.


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"Genital Aesthetic Surgery" training organized by ISAGSS (International Society of Aesthetic Genital Surgery) in 2019,

Frequently asked Questions

Since the abortion operation is usually performed using local anesthesia or sedation, most people do not feel a tolerable level of pain. However, it may differ from person to person depending on the pain threshold and the method applied. Early abortions can often be less painful.

Abortion does not affect a woman's chance of becoming pregnant again in the future. In most cases, a woman's fertility continues normally after an abortion. Abortion performed under appropriate medical conditions does not damage the uterus and does not negatively affect the function of the reproductive organs. However, it is always important to talk to the doctor about details regarding pregnancy planning or birth control and fertility depending on the individual situation.

Before Abortion Surgery: It is important to meet with a healthcare professional, obtain medical permission and consent, pay attention to nutrition and use the medications prescribed by the doctor regularly.

After Abortion Surgery: It is necessary to rest, stay away from work, increase physical activities according to the doctor's recommendations, use the medications prescribed by the doctor regularly and be careful about signs of infection and excessive bleeding.

Recovery after abortion is mild and rapid. Rest helps recovery. Normally, the patient is discharged on the same day or the next day and can return to daily activities. Bleeding and mild cramping are normal, but in case of severe pain or excessive bleeding, a doctor should be consulted. It may be necessary to take a break from sexual intercourse and tampon use. It is also important to learn about birth control methods. By following the doctor's recommendations, a comfortable and healthy recovery process can be experienced.

Abortion generally does not seriously affect women's health when performed at an older age or more than once. Abortion is a safe procedure when performed by qualified healthcare professionals under appropriate conditions and techniques. However, every woman's health condition and medical history is unique, so it is important to keep in regular contact with specialist doctors and follow-up health check-ups. Thus, precautions can be taken in advance against any negative effects and personal needs can be taken into account.

The time to return to sexual intercourse after an abortion may vary depending on the type of abortion performed and the personal recovery process. Generally, it is recommended to avoid sexual activity for about 1-2 weeks after an abortion. This period is necessary for the uterus and cervix to heal and reduce the risk of infection.


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