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gebelik öncesi danışmanlık

Pre-pregnancy counseling

Consultation of the couple or single woman with the necessary doctors during pregnancy planning before conception

normal doğum

Normal Birth

Normal Birth is the vaginal birth of a baby without the need for medication and intervention

sezaryen doğum

Caesarean Birth

Caesarean section is the process of removing the baby from the mother’s womb through a surgical

gebelik takibi

Pregnancy following-Up

After the diagnosis of pregnancy is called pregnancy follow-up to check the health of the mother

Kısırlık İnfertilite Tedavisi

Infertility treatment

If the couple does not have a child for one year despite regular and unprotected intercourse,

riskli gebelik

Risky Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful period that can happen to any woman. Psychological and physical



Childbirth , is the exit of the baby from the mother's womb, which grows and develops

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