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It is a sexual disorder that occurs as a result of the involuntary contraction of the

Ağrılı Cinsel İlişki

Painful Sexual Intercourse

Also known as dyspareunia, this is a condition in which a woman feels superficial pain, burning

Cinsel İsteksizlik

Sexual Desire Loss

It is the state in which neither a man nor a woman feels any sexual desire.

Eşler Arası Cinsel Uyumsuzluk

Sexual Incompatibility Between Spouses

In sexual intercourse it is necessary to express the physical feelings between a man and a

Kadın Cinsel İşlev Bozuklukları

Female sexual dysfunctions

There are many causes for this sexual problem. They are grouped into 6 main categories. Decreased



Abortion , means the evacuation of an unwanted pregnancy into the womb. It is also referred

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