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Abortionmeans the evacuation of an unwanted pregnancy in the uterus. It is also known colloquially as aborting a baby or child. In the medical literature, pregnancy termination is also referred to as pregnancy termination or dilation-curettage.


Abortions performed for the purpose of pregnancy evacuation are limited to 10 weeks from the last menstrual period. The last menstrual period is the start day of menstruation. If the pregnancy is beyond this week, abortion is not performed.

However, if the pregnancy is in danger for the mother's life, the pregnancy can be terminated regardless of the gestational age, considering the mother's life.

If a condition that is not compatible with the life of the baby in the womb or that will greatly affect the life of the baby after birth is detected by ultrasound and tests, the pregnancy can be terminated considering the life of the baby.

Things to Consider for Abortion

  • Abortion It is a surgical intervention. Therefore, it should be done by experienced people.
  • Before an abortion is performed, the size of the pregnancy and its position in the uterus must be determined.
  • Abortion should be performed in sterile environments. General or local anesthesia can be applied.
  • If the patient will be subjected to general anesthesia, he/she should be asked to be hungry and thirsty 4-5 hours beforehand.
  • Checks should be made after the procedure.

Abortion Risks

  • Uterine and intestinal perforations may occur.
  • Heavy bleeding may occur during abortion.
  • Pregnancy remaining without evacuation.
  • in the womb abortion Remaining pieces after the process.
  • Anesthesia-related problems may occur.
  • Absence or decrease in menstruation as a result of the destruction of the intrauterine tissue or the formation of adhesions in the uterus.

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