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Sezaryen, anne rahminde plasentaya kadar yaklaşık 10-15 cm’lik bir kesi yapılarak bebeğin cerrahi bir operasyonla

Birth is when the baby, which has been growing and developing in the womb for an average of 40 weeks, comes out of the mother's womb. made

Orgasmic shot application (o-shot) applied to the sensitive sexual pleasure points in the clitoris and vagina.

Abortion means the evacuation of an unwanted pregnancy inside the uterus. Colloquially, it is also known as baby-child abortion.

There are many reasons for this sexual problem. They are grouped into 6 main categories. Decreased Sexual Desire: In sexual desire

It is a condition in which a woman or a man does not feel any sexual desire. This reluctance can be caused by stress, sadness or other

Dyspareunia, also known as dyspareunia, occurs superficially at the entrance of the vagina or in the groin area of the woman during sexual intercourse.

It is a sexual dysfunction that occurs as a result of involuntary contraction of the muscles in the vaginal area. In this case the woman

Genital aesthetic treatment is preferred in cases where the appearance of the vagina or its functionality disturbs the person. of technology

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