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Female Sexual Dysfunctions

There are many reasons for this sexual problem. They are grouped into 6 main categories.

  • Decreased Sexual Desire: Decreased sexual desire can be defined as the decrease in the frequency of sexual thoughts, sexual intercourse and reaching orgasm. The reason is generally psychological. Incompatibility and conflicts with the spouse also cause this. Some medications used, menopause, pregnancy and lactation, sexual violence and trauma also trigger this condition.
  • Sexual Aversion Disorder: This condition is more rare than other causes. In this case, the woman avoids sexuality and does not want to think about it. This situation may be caused by psychological reasons such as anxiety and depression.
  • Sexual Arousal Disorder: It is the inability of the woman to develop secretions and swelling despite sufficient sexual stimulation or to continue sexual intercourse until the end. It is generally seen together with orgasmic disorder. It may also be due to reasons such as lactation and menopause, aging, medications and alcohol use.
  • Orgasmic Disorder: Orgasm is often delayed despite sufficient stimulation. It is due to psychological reasons. It is a condition that may occur later. Discord between partners, conflict, sexual trauma, physical and metabolic disorders, alcohol and drugs cause orgasmic dysfunction.
  • Vaginismus: It is the condition in which sexual intercourse does not occur or is painful due to constant contractions in the vaginal muscles when sexual intercourse is attempted. This problem may be caused by the hymen.
  • Dyspareunia: It is the condition of sexual intercourse being painful. Many reasons such as genital area infections and wounds healing after birth can cause dyspareunia.

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