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Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

It is a menstrual cycle characterized by bleeding that lasts longer and is more intense than normal, usually lasting longer than 7 days. Menstrual bleeding normally lasts 2-7 days and causes blood loss of approximately 30-80 ml.

Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

excessive menstrual bleeding kadınların %10-30’unu etkileyebilir ve bu durumun birçok nedeni olabilir. Kanamanın nedenleri arasında hormon dengesizlikleri, miyomlar, polipler, endometriozis, rahim içi yapışıklıklar ve adenomiyozis gibi rahim problemleri yer alır.

Other causes include bleeding disorders, thyroid problems, liver disease, kidney disease and certain medications.

Symptoms may include more bleeding than normal, bleeding that lasts longer than usual during the menstrual cycle, bleeding between periods, pain during menstruation, and painful menstrual cramps. There is a need to change tampons or pads frequently. Additionally, excessive menstrual bleeding can affect women's lives and lead to anemia.

Treatment depends on the underlying causes. Treatments may include hormonal medications, surgical options such as IUD, intrauterine abrasion, hysterectomy or hysterectomy. The treatment option may vary depending on the patient's age, health status, degree of excessive bleeding, and other factors.

If excessive menstrual bleeding If you think you're experiencing it, it's important to talk to a gynecologist. Your doctor may perform a physical examination and tests to detect the underlying cause and recommend the appropriate treatment option. They try to determine the cause of bleeding and recommend appropriate treatment.

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