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Labioplasty Surgery

It is the surgery of the vaginal lips, known as the labia minora or labia majora, for aesthetic purposes. It can be performed to change the size or shape of the vaginal lips. Labiaplasty surgery It is usually requested for cosmetic reasons, but it can also be performed for lips that cause pain, wounds, or problems with dressing.

How is Labioplasty Surgery Performed?

The surgery is usually performed using sedation and the incisions are made on the labia minora (inner lips) or labia majora (outer lips). The doctor makes incisions and shapes the lips with or without cutting them, depending on the patient's concerns and the purpose of the surgery.

Labioplasty SurgeryWhat are the symptoms of labiaplasty?

Since this procedure is a surgical intervention performed for aesthetic or functional purposes, no symptoms are shown before the surgery. However, some common symptoms may be observed after surgery.

Symptoms such as pain, swelling or stiffness may occur after the procedure. Labiaplasty surgery Painkillers are given to control post-operative pain. Swelling of the tissues around the surgical area is normal and will go away within a few days.

There may also be bruising, although it is temporary. Care must be taken in the following period for wound healing. When this healing will be completed may vary from person to person. All of these symptoms are normal and usually go away in a short time. Recovery is expected in the period following the procedure.

In what cases is it a method used?

The surgery may be performed especially for young women and is usually performed to prevent problems such as intercourse, sexual activity, dressing, or urinary tract infections. It may also be done for social or aesthetic concerns due to the width or shape of the labia minora. If you think you have symptoms of labiaplasty and labiaplasty surgery If you want to be, you can contact a specialist doctor or look at our page.

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