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Vaginoplasty Treatment

It is defined as the surgical arrangement of the vaginal structure for aesthetic or functional purposes. To reduce the width or length of the vaginal wall, narrow the mouth, and correct conditions such as prolapse (vaginal organs sagging outwards). vaginoplasty treatment can be done.

How is Vaginoplasty Treatment Done?

It is a surgical procedure. Genital aesthetics can be performed whenever needed. Below are some treatment options available during surgery:

1-Labioplasty: It is a procedure performed to narrow the vaginal opening.
2-Vaginoplasty: It is among the procedures performed to reduce the width of the vagina.
3-Perineoplasty: It is among the procedures performed for the aesthetics of the perineal area.
4-Hymenoplasty: It is among the procedures performed to repair the vaginal opening.
5-G-spot amplification: It is among the procedures performed to make the G-spot area more sensitive.
6-Clitoral hood reduction: It is among the procedures performed to reduce the clitoris sheath.

Vaginoplasty TreatmentHow Long Does Vaginoplasty Take?

The duration of the surgery may vary depending on the type of procedure and technique. However vaginoplasty treatment Most of the time it takes between 1-2 hours. However, in some cases it may take longer. For example, if it is to be performed together with labiaplasty or perineoplasty, the surgery duration may be longer.

Additionally, since each patient's recovery rate is different, recovery time may also vary. After surgery, bed rest is required for several days and recovery time may take several weeks. During this period, normal post-operative effects such as pain, swelling, bruises and pain may be experienced. These effects decrease and disappear completely during the healing process.

Things to Consider Before Treatment

Before this surgery, you should definitely talk to a doctor before deciding on surgery. Your doctor should explain to you what the surgery is, what you can expect, the results, potential risks, and the recovery process. 

Additionally, there may be a special diet and exercise program that you must follow before and after surgery. If vaginoplasty treatment If you need to be treated, you should talk to your doctor about everything related to this treatment and apply the necessary method.

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