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Stages of Cesarean Birth

It is a surgical procedure performed when it is not possible for a woman to give birth normally. cesarean birth steps, It is generally preferred in cases where there are possible risks for the baby or mother.


Before moving to the hospital room where the birth will take place, the woman must be properly prepared. At this stage, the type of anesthesia is usually determined and the necessary medical interventions are performed on the woman.


It is usually performed with epidural or spinal anesthesia. Epidural anesthesia stops the feeling of pain with a medicine injected into the waist area. Spinal anesthesia numbs the nerves in the lumbar region with an injection that acts more quickly.


After the anesthesia takes effect, the doctor makes an incision in the abdominal area. This incision is usually made in the area called the bikini line and care is taken to avoid leaving any scars afterwards.

What are the Stages of Caesarean Birth?

Cesarean Birth

cesarean birth After the incision in the process, doctors cut further into the abdominal wall and uterus to remove the baby. The baby is carefully removed, usually by holding the head or hips.

The placenta (partner) is also removed. This process is accomplished by removing the placenta manually, rather than waiting for it to come out on its own as is natural.

After the baby and placenta are removed, the doctor stitches the abdominal wall and skin. Stitches are usually made with self-dissolving materials or materials that do not need to be removed later.

The recovery process after the operation can generally take longer than normal birth. The mother usually stays in the hospital for several days and it is important to follow the doctor's instructions during the recovery period.

It may vary depending on the doctor's preferences and characteristics. In all cases, the team and the doctor will take the necessary steps to protect the health of the mother and baby at the highest level.

After Cesarean Birth

cesarean birth Afterwards, the healing process may take longer than usual. The recovery process may vary depending on a woman's body's response to surgery, her overall health, and the precautions she takes afterward. Here is some general information about the recovery process after a cesarean section:

She usually stays in the hospital longer than a woman who gives birth naturally. They are usually kept under observation for a period of 3 to 4 days. This period may vary depending on the doctor's evaluations and the mother's condition.

Pain is a common condition. It is important to use painkillers recommended by the doctor to control it. It is important to provide comfort and facilitate movement during the healing process.

Activity level may be limited for the first few days. Moving and walking can help the healing process, but overly strenuous activities should be avoided. It is important to follow the activity level recommended by your doctor.

Wound care is important and the wound needs to be kept clean and dry to reduce the risk of infection. Your doctor will give you instructions on wound care.

Getting support is important. Asking for help with baby care, housework, and other daily tasks can help the mother focus on the healing process.

cesarean birth Breastfeeding is usually possible after surgery. However, postoperative pain and movement restrictions may cause some mothers to have difficulties initiating or continuing breastfeeding. It may be helpful to get support from a breastfeeding specialist or healthcare professional.


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