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Painful Menstrual Pain

Adet dönemi sırasında veya öncesinde yaşanan ağrı ve rahatsızlık hissidir. Bu durum, kadınların yaklaşık %50’sinde görülen yaygın bir sorundur. Painful menstrual pain, It is usually caused by contractions of the muscles in the lower abdominal area and can cause symptoms such as pain, cramping, and even nausea and headaches.

It is known as primary dysmenorrhea and usually begins during adolescence. It occurs as a result of contraction of the uterus. Pain is usually most severe in the first days of the menstrual period and then gradually decreases. For some women, pain continues throughout the menstrual period.

Causes of menstrual pain may include factors such as hormonal imbalances, intrauterine structural abnormalities, endometriosis, polyps, fibroids, uterine infections and stress. It is recommended that you consult your doctor to determine these reasons.

Painful Menstrual Pain Symptoms

Painful menstrual pain symptoms may include:

  • Pain in the abdominal area: The pain is concentrated in the lower abdomen. The pain can be severe and feel cramp-like.
  • Back pain: Menstrual pain can also cause back pain.
  • Headache: Changes in hormone levels can also cause other symptoms, such as headaches.
  • Nausea: It can also cause nausea and even vomiting.
  • Diarrhea or constipation: It may cause intestinal problems such as diarrhea or constipation in some women.
  • Fatigue: Pain and other symptoms experienced during menstrual periods can make some women feel tired.
  • Dizziness: It may also cause dizziness.

Women who experience any one or more of the above symptoms, painful menstrual cramps Treatment options may include alternative treatments such as painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormone therapy, birth control pills, acupuncture and yoga.


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