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Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful period that can happen to any woman. Psychological and physical changes are observed in women during pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are women who have had uneventful pregnancies as well as women who have experienced conceiving problems. If there is a condition that affects both the mother and the baby, it is called a high-risk pregnancy. The risk ratio for pregnancies is divided into 3 different categories: low-risk pregnancy, high-risk pregnancy, and high-risk pregnancy. Low-risk pregnancies are known to have a miscarriage risk. There are no negative results in health tests performed on the parents.

This is more common in high-risk pregnancies, and pregnancies at a young age or over the age of 35. Expectant mothers who had conditions such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, sexual diseases, diabetes and heart problems prior to conception are more likely to be at risk during pregnancy. People who have had a previous miscarriage, a high-risk pregnancy and a family history of a high-risk pregnancy are more likely to have a suspected pregnancy. A healthy diet during pregnancy is also important for the possibility of a risky pregnancy.

Risky Pregnancy Causes

Problems that occur during pregnancy are known as high-risk pregnancy problems.

Some of these conditions are multiple pregnancy, bleeding, water breaks and the threat of premature labor, risk of miscarriage, short cervix, preeclampsia, drug use during pregnancy, radiation exposure, and gestational diabetes.

Child related problems. Among the problems caused by the baby are conditions such as too little or too much water in the baby, differences in the fetus, and detection of risks in fetal screening tests.

Those who wish to become fathers must undergo a general health examination before conception so that they do not experience a dangerous pregnancy. Pregnant mothers who have had a miscarriage before should consult a specialist and have their next pregnancy under the supervision of a doctor.