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Vaginismus Treatment

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What is vaginismus, how is it treated and we answer your many questions on the subject. You can contact us for detailed information. 

Vaginismus Diagnosis

A specialist physician is consulted who evaluates the sexual and psychological health of individuals together. Medical and surgical techniques are taken into consideration according to the vaginal structure.
Why does vaginismus occur?
What are the symptoms

What are the symptoms?

  • Involuntary contractions and pain during sexual intercourse
  • Various difficulties during gynecological examination
  •  Having difficulty using tampons
  • Loss of sexual desire due to severe pain

Treatment Methods

Necessary examinations are carried out to understand the person's vaginal structure. A progressive treatment plan is created in cooperation with a specialist psychologist. Vaginismus can also be treated with various medical methods. 
Treatment Methods

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Why does vaginismus occur?

Why Does Vaginismus Occur?

It usually occurs due to negative psychological effects. Traumatic events, anxiety and stressful situations trigger it at a high rate. It is frequently seen in individuals who are exposed to events such as coercion during sexual intercourse. Physiologically, conditions such as short vagina, dryness and the effects of some medications are effective.
Vaginismus Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an involuntary contraction of the tissues in the vagina due to physical and psychological factors. 

Primary vaginismus is the inability to achieve sexual intercourse as a result of contraction of the muscles in the vagina during the first sexual intercourse. Secondary vaginismus is observed to occur after difficult birth, abortion and miscarriage. 

During sexual intercourse, the muscles in the vagina involuntarily contract. At the same time, situations such as high levels of fear and panic are experienced. 

It is often encountered in individuals with a history of trauma. It is seen in women with physiologically shorter vaginas. 

A gynecological examination is performed on the patient by a physician who specializes in gynecology. Various medical procedures are performed depending on the vaginal structure. The therapy process, which progresses under the control of an expert psychologist, also has a positive effect. 

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