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preservation of pregnancy

Pregnancy is protected by a very complicated security system. The system that keeps uterine contractions under control ensures that the child matures and develops in the uterus until term. Pregnancy Protection It prevents premature birth.
Although it has not been determined that this adjustment mechanism is managed from a center, it is known that various antagonistic factors work in complete harmony. For example:
a – The pain-inducing hormone oxytocin is neutralized by the oxytocinase ferment produced by the placenta,
b – Contractions are again blocked by the steroid hormones of the placenta,
c – Protecting the myometrium from a critical stretch that will cause it to contract is prevented by hyperplasia, hypertrophy and softening,
d- Again, contractions are blocked by adrenergic effects. The system that ensures the development of the child in the uterus until term and its eventual birth; It is the fetus-placenta unit. This unit carries out the task of protecting the child until term with the hormones and ferments it secretes:

preservation of pregnancy

How to Protect Pregnancy?

1- PROGESTERONE: It is produced by the placenta in increasing amounts. It prevents the myometrium from contracting. The blockage it creates at the placenta attachment site is more obvious. In this area, the uterine wall is too loose and soft. It even causes a functional asymmetry compared to other regions. The progesterone hormone level in the myometrium was found to be 9 times higher than the level in the blood.

2- ESTROGEN: This hormone causes hyperplasia and hypertrophy in the myometrium. In Pregnancy Protection contributes. It also ensures the adaptation of the cavum uteri parallel to the growing fetus. The fibers become longer. However, in order not to loosen the contraction, the length / tension relations of the fibers are kept below the critical limit. As Miada approaches, these relationships begin to deteriorate. Estrogen hormone provides the plastic and viscous consistency feature of the uterus by changing the molecular structure of the connective tissue that fills between the muscle fibers. (The mucopolysaccharides that make up the connective tissue depolymerize, break down, and water binds to their molecules). Collagen fibrils, which are not very flexible, open up by stretching and sliding over each other like a net in this softened intermediate material.

3- CONTRIBUTION OF THE BETA ADRENERGIC SYSTEM: It is accepted that the adjustment and control centers in the Hypothalamus have effects on the uterus through sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways. The existence of sympathetic nerves in the uterus has been revealed. The situation is questionable for parasympathetic nerves. During pregnancy, the number of sympathetic (Nor-adrenergic) nerves decreases and the Nor-Adrenaline level in pregnant women decreases by 1/4 compared to Adrenaline. The increase in Humoral Adrenaline and the decrease in Neural Nor-Adrenaline help to brake the contractions of the myometrium. This change in the autonomic nervous system is a protective factor. As it is known, adrenaline causes relaxation in the myometrium, and Nor-adrenaline causes contraction. They are active on Adrenaline Beta receptors and Nor – Adrenaline Alpha receptors. Estrogen and progesterone hormones control the sensitivity of the receptors.

a – Oxytocinase secreted during pregnancy destroys oxytocine. As the term approaches, ferment secretion slows down and the effect of oxytocine on the myo-metrium gradually increases.
c – Another ferment that causes myometrium to contract is Serotonin. It is accepted that it is made up of the Fetus – Placenta unit. It is claimed that Mono Amino – Oxydase neutralizes serotonin.

preservation of pregnancyPregnancy Protection The role of hormones, ferments and prostaglandins in the mechanism and onset of pain has begun to gain importance.

Protaglandin’lerin ana maddesi, arachidonic asit’lerdir. Estriol etkisiyle zarlarda bu madde gebelik boyunca depolanır. (Zarlarda depolanan total yağ asitlerinin %18-30’u) arachidonik asidin prostaglandinlere dönüşebilmesi için phospholipase A₂ fermenti gereklidir. Bu ferment zarlarda bulunan Lysosame’larda ve Desiduada depolanır. Progesteron hormonu bu fermentin açığa çıkmasını frenler. Fetal kortikosteroidler fermentin lisosomlardan serbestleşmesini, progesteron etkisi azalınca fermentin inhibisyondan kurtularak arachidonik asidin prostag-
They enable it to transform into landins. Pregnancy protection measures end and myometrial contractions resolve.

IN SUMMARY: The product of pregnancy develops until term and does not encounter any resistance from the uterus while maturing. Myometrium develops by gaining elastic and plastic consistency through hypertrophy and hyperplasia, and the cavum expands. This harmony is kept secure until birth with hormones and ferments. Pregnancy Protection is provided.

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