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Menstruation is defined as the process of expulsion of blood from the uterus with the regular contraction of the uterus each month. Menstrual pain occurs as a result of contraction of the uterine wall muscles. While some women experience very painful periods, others can go about their daily social lives.

What causes painful menstruation?

Menstrual pain is seen as severe pain in the waist and groin in the form of cramps in the first two days of the menstrual period. It is normal for your period to be painful and for your period to be normal. Women experience severe pain as a result of uterine contractions. It can be seen in conditions such as nausea, dizziness, headache, weakness, diarrhea as well as painful menstrual cramps. Period pain that occurs every month due to frequent menstruation is called primary dysmenorrhea. Apart from this, the pain caused by the medical causes mentioned below is called secondary dysmenorrhea.

  • Cervical stenosis: : If the width of the cervix is small enough to block the menstrual flow, it is called pain caused by increased pressure in the uterus.
  • Endometriosis: severe pain that occurs as a result of the growth of the layer of tissue that covers the inside of the uterus to the areas outside the uterus. In addition to painful menstruation, it can also be felt separately during intercourse.
  • Uterine fibroids: These are very common benign tumors in the uterus of women. In general, it can be seen in half of women aged 30-40 years. During menstruation, excessive blood flow and severe pain may be observed. Since they are benign tumors, the possibility of turning into cancer is almost never seen.
  • Adenomyosis: It can cause symptoms such as severe menstrual pain when the tissues of the lining in the inner part of the uterus get lodged between the uterine muscles. There are types that are dangerous and require surgery.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease: This is a type of infection that affects the female reproductive organs. It has been observed that it is transmitted through sexual contact. It causes severe pain.

How does painful menstruation go?

Painkillers prescribed by a doctor can be used to relieve very severe menstrual pain. Apart from medical methods, some of the different ways that can be done to relieve pain are as follows;

Hot water bag: Hot applications on the thigh or back area will be effective in relieving menstrual pain. Taking a hot towel or a warm bath instead of a water bag also helps relieve pain.

Massage: Lower abdominal massage also plays an effective role in relieving menstrual pain. An average of 15-20 minutes of massage would be fine.

Exercise: Menstrual pain can be relieved by endorphins, which are released in the body during light physical activities such as yoga or walking.

Herbal tea: Herbal tea, such as chamomile tea, which has a calming effect on the nerves that carry the sensation of pain, helps relieve pain.

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